“We want as many people as possible to know who Natbuild is and what we have to offer the industry."

From here it’s all about maintaining brand consistency. The brand and communications strategy are doing their job; driving home Natbuild’s core philosophies and strengths. With consistency, we make sure our message is clear and coherent and awareness and familiarity grows.

“We want as many people as possible to know who Natbuild is and what we have to offer the industry. Clearly, our goal is to attract key players, independent operators and suppliers alike, where we can add value by delivering on key measurable outcomes for all,” says Peter.

The choice to own the colour red as Natbuild’s primary visual marker has been a point of conversation at times since the refreshed brand was launched, a bold move for a company, who at times, have chosen to remain more reserved. This decision was made after extensive market research determined that the direct competition own their brand colour and own it with strength, they’re very recognisable. Natbuild wanted to ensure its brand was given the same chance to thrive and own its own position in the market. So, came the decision to own red as Natbuild’s brand colour.

It begins with knowing who you are, but a business only works when others know who you are. Successful branding – or in this case rebranding – can be many things, for us it was a complete overhaul, but being able to reference activity and success against a standard made a difference. Working with branding agency Dugan & O’Sullivan, we were able to retain a reference outside of everyday experience and keep our message in line with our agreed objectives and message.


“We thought it was time to be a bit louder about it, and about our story, letting our members and their customers know that their store is backed by a much larger entity.”

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