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Selection Criteria:

You must be a hardware business with a primary focus of trade categories, not retail categories.

You are not a builder; our group is structured to support brick and mortar hardware operators who support builders in their own market.

You have a trading outlet with a significant commitment to stock holding, supporting structure and capital assets, i.e.: trucks, forklifts, tools of the trade. Not a brand new business

You are one of the major trade outlets of your area with a turnover to support minimum commitments as a member of our group. We do this so you can get the best value from the group. You will need to purchase or have the capacity to purchase a minimum amount in total of c~$5m.

You may be in another hardware group – it is not a requirement to be in another group – but your commitment to our group is total if you are approved. We will not allow you to cherry pick deals.

Strong references/promoters from suppliers.

Meeting the above criteria does not guarantee approval.

We recommend giving us a call or getting in touch via the below contact form. One of our Product Category Managers will call you to discuss whether we are a good fit for each other.

Things to note:

  • Natbuild focuses on products related to residential trade construction and a portion of commercial. Our members businesses are primarily trade focussed
  • Natbuild doesn’t delete suppliers overnight, our focus is to build support and grow our existing suppliers (i.e. we won’t be kicking out one supplier to deal with a different one without good reason)


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