May Conference 2024

Natbuild recently held their National Conference at the luxurious QT on the Gold Coast. Spanning two days, this event brought together suppliers and members for a blend of insightful presentations, dynamic networking sessions, and engaging social activities. The conference kicked off with updates from the Natbuild Team, providing attendees with insights and future opportunities. One […]

Natbuild US Study Tour 2024

As the sun dips below the horizon, we find ourselves winding down from an exhilarating 10-day journey through the vibrant streets of LA and the dazzling lights of Vegas. From exploring hardware stores to soaring over the neon-lit Strip in a helicopter, it’s been a whirlwind of discovery, laughter, and memories we’ll cherish for years […]

Natbuild 30 Years

30 Years! It feels like just yesterday that the foundations were laid for what Natbuild would become Natbuild. It also feels like 30 years, funny how that happens. Of course, there have been a lot of changes in that time, but our core tenets, those guiding principles Natbuild began with in 1993 are still with […]

Grow2GO Malaysia MotoGP Trip

The roar of engines, the pulsating excitement, and the allure of speed converged as enthusiasts and guests embarked on an exhilarating journey on the Grow2GO Malaysia MotoGP Trip. The thrill-seekers were in for a treat, experiencing not only the heart-pounding races but also an array of memorable events that added layers of excitement to the […]

October Conference 2023

Natbuild recently wrapped up its National October Conference. This three-day event featured a series of memorable events, including a welcome dinner, valuable update sessions, a lunch at the iconic MCG, a networking dinner, and an awards dinner that honoured group’s finest. The heart of the conference lay in the insightful update sessions from the dedicated […]

Natbuild – The Next Step In Our Journey

There are as many reasons to rebrand as there are businesses. For some it’s a new direction, others, to signify a new era, even boredom can play its part and a desire to shake things up, but for Natbuild, the time and need for an update was about projecting an image of strength and stability […]

Introducing Walker Bros

There’s nothing like hearing from our members and getting to know them a little better. Speaking with Darren McKiernan, the Operations Manager for Walker Bros. on New South Wales’ Central Coast gave us some great insights to the thriving timber business and some excellent stories from their 90 years of experience. The original Walker Bros. […]

May Conference 2023

Natbuild’s Recent Conference: A Memorable Celebration of 30 Years and Inspiring Guest Speakers Natbuild recently hosted a great conference that not only featured captivating presentations by esteemed guest speakers Bernard Salt and Tim Reardon but also served as a platform to celebrate the company’s 30 years of successful business. The conference, held in Sydney, culminated […]

October Conference 2022

The Natbuild group joined together at the wonderful Sofitel Resort in Noosa for 3 days of networking, important updates and to celebrate the Member and Suppliers of the year for 2022. The Principals AGM was the first port of call for the conference where our current board members were re-elected and John Lorente, from Big […]

Grow2GO Cairns Amateurs 2022

​ The Cairns Amateurs Racing Carnival is three days of fun, fashion, glamour, food and entertainment built around two days of horse racing in Cairns in early September each year. This year, 58 Suppliers, Natbuild Members and their customers were lucky enough to experience the highlights of the Cairns Amateurs during a 4 day trip to Northern […]